Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet nearly 70 years ago. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage.

Winning rights for women is about more than giving opportunities to any individual woman or girl; it is also about changing how countries and communities work. It involves changing laws and policies, winning hearts and minds, and investing in strong women’s organizations and movements.

Women Inclusive Network (WIN) has the mission of assimilating the power of women; through the prowess of technology, to engage communities with women rights in a manner that makes access of human rights easy, effectual and proficient.

WIN is building an Artificial Intelligence platform to ensure women have access to their basic rights of being free from violence and discrimination in a cost effective and efficient manner that reduces the cost of access to these services.